I don t like it little britain

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i don t like it little britain

Lou Todd and Andy Pipkin, are fictional characters from the cult BBC TV and radio show Little Britain, played by David Walliams and Matt Lucas respectively. Andy's catchphrases include, "Yeah I know", "Want that one" and "(I) Don ' t like it ", while Lou's catchphrase Toilet humour is also a staple of Little Britain's comedy: in one episode, Andy. Little Britain: Lou & Andy at the library. AndyPipkinfan. Loading. . i wanna watch this video!. i dont like it. Little Britan-Andy wants rice! JUGGERNAUTASSASIN . Little Britain USA - Andy & Lou - Andy Steals a. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She later died in the episode which shows Book of ra online game and Andy getting prepared for the funeral. He has an unseen or unheard from brother called Declan, and previously had a woman called Maria who died in one episode as a caretaker before Lou Lou mentioned her regularly in the early episodes of Series 1. He also stood up later in the film to walk up the beach. Apk software for android is impatient, selfish, has no respect for other sentient beings, sureflash to be unintelligent, has no interest in the world outside his local area, and is incredibly lazy.

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Andy finds and apparently checks into a nearby hotel where, among other things, he helps himself to food from the buffet table, participates in a Limbo competition, plays tennis , takes scuba diving lessons then returns to his shelter with a cocktail. He then rejects the item after Lou honours the request. For example, Andy asks to go to the expensive Royal Opera House for his birthday, but shouts "I don't like it! When he sits down in his wheelchair, Andy asks Lou to open it, much to the surprise of Lou. Occasionally, though, his actions are rather extreme, such as when he went skinny-dipping in a shark-filled tank or when he water-skied behind a Thames cruise boat. Moreover, his fashion sense primarily encompasses the s, which is apparent from his general attire. i don t like it little britain


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